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How do I create a Gift Registry?

1. Log in to your Hambledon account. You can do this via the "My Account" link at the top of the home page or by clicking on the "Create" tab on the Gift Registry page. If you do not have a Hambledon account please register for one first.

2. Once logged in to your Hambledon account, navigate to the Gift Registry page and press "Create".

3. Complete the registration form. Please note the First and Last name given for the registrant will be what is used for purchasers to find the registry. Information on this page can be updated later using the "Manage a Gift Registry" button.

4. Once finished press "Create My Registry" at the bottom.

How do I Manage a Gift Registry?

1. Once you have created your registry you can then make changes and add products via the Manage button on the Gift Registry page. On your Registry listing you can:
- "View" your registry
- "Share" your registry via a direct link
- "Edit" your personal details including messages your guests will see on the registry page
- "Edit" the products in the registry
- "Delete" the registry (this cannot be undone)

2. To add products to your registry go to "Edit" under "Edit Registry Product". Click on "Add Items to Registry" at the bottom of the page and navigate around the website to find items you would like. Once you have found a product, click into the product's page and press "Add to Gift Registry". Once you have added an item, the number of product types in your gift registry will appear next to the present icon on the right hand side of the page.

3. To add multiples of a product return to your Gift Registry (via the main navigation or using the present icon and then the three dots next to your list's name to edit). Then find the item in the list and increase the "wants" value to the desired quantity.

FAQs For Setting Up a Gift Registry:

Can I have more than one registry?
- Unfortunately you can only have one Gift Registry linked to your Hambledon account at a time.

How will the gifts be delivered?
- To avoid the inconvenience of you having to receive each gift separately from each purchaser, we will group the purchases and send them to you in bulk batches.

Do my gift purchasers have to pay for shipping of my gift?
- We will ship your gifts to you in bulk batches with complimentary free shipping. We can provide a free shipping code for people buying from your list which will need to be entered at the Checkout.

How will I know if someone has purchased something from my gift list?
- You will receive an email notification each time something is bought from your list. We will also include paperwork in with your delivery. You will also see that the "Has" column next to a product in your Registry will reflect a purchase when one is made.

Is stock reserved for my gift list?
- No stock is not reserved. If there is something in particular you would like securing for your list please do let us know.

How do I buy from a Gift Registry?

1. First find the Gift Registry you require using the "Find" tab on the Gift Registry page and search for the recipient using their first and last name. Alternatively you may have been sent a link to take you directly to a Gift Registry.

2. Click on the eye icon to view their registry.

3. The registry shows the chosen gift selection and lists how many of each item is wanted, how many they have already been bought and how many they still need. Using the input fields to the right hand side, fill in how many of each item you would like to purchase.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and press "Update Cart".

5. A link will appear to say your cart has been updated successfully and to take you directly to the checkout. Press on "Checkout".

6. The checkout will auto populate with the recipient's shipping address if the recipient would like us to ship the gifts directly to them. In this case just enter your email address and then also complete the next two pages of the checkout process.

Buying from a Gift Registry FAQs?

Can I edit what I am buying?
- Yes, but please be aware that if you have added items from the Gift Registry to your Basket they will remain there unless you remove them in the Basket page. If you return to the Gift Registry and select new/additional products or quantities this new selection will be added in its entirety to the Basket, along with what had been added before if you had not removed it. Please review the selection in your basket before progressing to the Checkout stage.

Can I receive the order and then give it to the recipient myself?
- If the recipient's shipping address autofills at the checkout it will mean that the gift is intended to go directly to them. If you would like to give the gift to the recipient personally, please overwrite with your own shipping address.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
- If The Hambledon is sending the gifts directly to the recipient you may not have to pay postage for orders under £100 (orders over £100 automatically qualify for free shipping). Please check in the "Additional Info" section at the top right of their gift list to see if a free shipping code has been provided for orders under £100. This code can then be entered at the checkout stage.

Can I leave a note for the recipient?
- There is a Gift Message box in the Basket stage of the Checkout. To find this, once you have reached the checkout after completing step 5 from the Gift Registry, first click the back arrow at the bottom of the page which says "Return to Cart". Complete your message and then proceed through the remainder of the checkout process.

Shipping & Returns
All orders are shipped with DHL or UPS.

UK Mainland Delivery (inc. Northern Ireland):
Standard Delivery is free of charge for all orders over £100 (£4.95 for orders less than £100) and takes 3-5 working days
Express is £6.95 and takes 1-2 working days
UK Highlands and Islands is £9.95

Non-UK Delivery:
European Standard Delivery is £15.00
U.S.A Standard Delivery is £20.00
Rest of the World Standard Delivery is £25

(Please note that this charge includes delivery only, therefore non-EU customers will be responsible for import duties and local taxes)