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Bougies La Francaise

Since 1902, the family-run business of Bougies la Française have dedicated themselves to their muse: the candle! Faithful to their traditions, whilst also turning towards the future, the brand has placed creation at the heart of its values, incorporating the richness of their experience and care for great ingredients. They are also holders of the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, which is a mark of recognition of the State set up to distinguish French companies with craftsmanship and industrial excellence. Delivered after rigorous instruction, it rewards the ambassadors of French industrial or artisanal excellence, of which Bougies la Française are definitely worthy.

Vintage Box Of 8 Dinner Candles
Bougies La Francaise
Vintage Box Of 20 Dinner Candles
Bougies La Francaise
Candle Sharpener
Bougies La Francaise
Candle Lighter
Bougies La Francaise
Candle Glue
Bougies La Francaise