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Rucksack Issue 3

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Rucksack Magazine is an online journal and printed bi-annual publication which began life in 2016. They celebrate visual storytelling and are driven by a passion for adventure and photography. They endeavour to work as a platform for new and emerging photographers and writers, connecting a global community of creative storytellers. Their brand has no limits, no boundaries; it is there for those with a thirst for adventure, those who want to create something new, something exciting. It is there to inspire, to excite and to mesmerise.

Volume Three: The Island Issue

In The Island Issue we explore the raw beauty to be found in the rugged landscape of the Faroe Islands; how a change in the weather can result in an altered perspective of a familiar place. The second part of the magazine uncovers the theme of isolation through a variety of other islands; Svalbard, Lofoten and Newfoundland providing the perfect setting with which to do so. The lava covered volcanoes of Hawaii coupled with the jagged rocks of the Isle of Skye and St Hilda transport us into a Jurassic Era long forgotten. Our stories explore what it truly means to inhabit an island where being surrounded by water is a daily reminder of complete isolation.

136 pages, perfect bound and printed on uncoated, 100% recycled paper.

Printed and published in London, September 2018.

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