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Pleasure Garden Issue 03

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Taking inspiration from the pleasure gardens of 18th century London this magazine engages its public with an array of attractions – ranging from the past to the present, the sedate to the salacious. Here the writers step away from the practicalities of the garden instead placing it within a wider cultural context. The pleasure garden was always a place to escape to - a fantasy in a garden, filled with art, music, fashion, society and sex. It is this mix that they transport to the printed pages of Pleasure Garden.

Issue Three celebrates the rose—a flower perhaps more fetishised and deeply entwined in the mythology of our culture than any other. From a misogynist symbol to a feminist icon, Catherine Wagley looks at the rose’s long and thorny journey in Fetish of the Rose with photographs by Benjamin Fredrikson. The Empress Joséphine has long been talked of as a rose icon. However, Jennifer Potter unpicks this assumption and others in Myth of the Rose. Maciek Pozoga and Samuel Bradley take a journey across Paris in Pilgrimage of the Rose. Charles Quest-Ritson guides us through the horticultural history of the rose...

This is Pleasure Garden’s first volume devoted to one theme—but remember, we never promised you a rose garden…

Spring/Summer 2018, biannual, softcover, 200 pages.

28 x 36 x 2cm

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