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Perfect Canvas

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This light textured, silicone free serum is perfect to use after moisturiser. Pro-biotics smooth the skin and enhance skin's structure by encouraging surface cell renewal, whilst the Agave extract helps leave skin with a matte finish - the perfect canvas upon which to apply makeup.

Results: Moisture balance is restored, the skin is smoothed, plumped, filled and primed ready for make-up or not. It lifts, tightens and fills using natural sugars, stimulates internal skin structure ‘the skin architect’. It also boosts skin’s immune system meaning less breakouts.

To Use: Just apply after moisturiser, apply 2-3 drops to fingertips and then press over face and neck until fully absorbed. Follow with your favourite foundation or BB cream. Or for those in a rush, simply add to your moisturiser… as simple as that.

By Ren Skincare


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