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Akira Wool Boot in Black

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Akira might be our new all-time favourite chelsea boot. Comes in smooth black leather with chunky and durable rubber sole. The wool lining will keep your feet nice and cosy for AW18. She is easy-going and fits with everything in your wardrobe, suitable for all seasons.

Heel height: 3.5 cm

Measure the length between your heel and your big toe. Take the highest value and compare to our size chart. Please note: your heel to toe measurement will be slightly shorter than the insole measurements stated below.

36 37 38 39 40 41 42
UK Size 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Insole (cm) 23 23-24 24-24.5 25 25-26 26-26.5 26.5-27

Taking care of leather shoes is not just about making your shoes look good. It is also about preserving and adding to the life of your new lovely shoes. Look at it as though you are protecting an investment, or what could be a future collectible. Leather shoes require the most care, but if you protect them well, it will expand their lifetime significantly.

- Always spray your leather shoes before using them for the first time, this will give them the necessary protection against dirt and moist.

- If the shoes are dirty, wipe them with a moist cloth. Never soak the shoes and do not use any chemicals to clean them.

- Use a shoe cream/conditioner on the shoes and rub it into the leather. Choose a shoe cream instead of a shoe polish, as the cream will shine and smooth the skin, while the polish will only color it. Choose a shoe cream in a matching color with the leather. Use a natural shoe cream that can be absorbed in the leather, unlike a synthetic conditioner that merely sits on top of the surface.

- Finally, polish the shoes. Here you can use a soft shoe brush, preferably one with natural horsehair or a shoe glove where the wool is outside the glove instead of inside.

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