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3 Turquoise Colour Gold Hoop Earrings

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Super fun hoop earrings featuring iconic porcelain "pearls" hanging at staggered lengths on individual chains. The suspended three coloured "minipearls" are two in turquoise (one small and one x-small) and one in marble green (x-small). These are a fabulous way to attract the eye with colour and movement, whilst wearing lightweight, comfortable earrings. The hoops are easy to put in and hook into themselves via a loop at one end.

Made from 24 carat gold plated sterling silver 925 with hand-rolled porcelain "pearls" (as they are handmade they have a unique shape and colour. Over time, you will notice a crazing on the surface, which occurs during the firing process and gives the jewellery its character).

9cm max. length

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