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Shooting The 2014 Lookbook

As fun as last year's traffic stopping honeycomb ball bonanza was, we decided it might be an idea to go out on location to shoot this year's lookbook. Much googling and many phone calls later we wound up back in Winchester, just down the road at Milner Hall. And what a backdrop it turned out to be, complete with all kinds of perfect props snaffled from the broom cupboard - tea urns, trestle tables and Hampshire Antiques Society signs - plus a great balcony from which to fire balloons up into the beautiful vaulted ceiling.

By the end of the shoot Victoria's son Hal had run countless errands on skateboard and bicycle, Finn was as proficient as a removals guy shifting stacks of chairs with a trolley; everyone had overdosed on the potent coffee from Black, White Red and photographer Michael had listened to way too much country music for his liking. Not that it mattered. Got the job done and we couldn't be happier with the result