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Shrimps is a fashion label launched by Hannah Weiland in 2013. At the heart of the brand is faux fur and outerwear but the collection has now extended to include lovely RTW and accessories.

Yardy yardy yah. So far so informative. What we need you to know is that Shrimps is something we are absolutely thrilled and delighted and excited to have in the building. It is a thing of beauty and joy and fun. We have fallen in love with the whole thing!

How we love a collection with a story. And the story for AW18 is love. Hannah Weiland’s upcoming (now up and come and all looked beautiful) nuptials providing the inspiration. It’s hearts and cupids and pink and red and super, super lovely.

Allow us to introduce you to Shrimps. Find out more about the brand here.

AW18 collection is coming soon instore.